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By: Oliver Ames

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Save Big with these Cyber Monday Deals

Saving and Budgeting

It’s hard to get through the holidays without hearing about Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, but in an increasingly online age, it’s Cyber Monday that offers the best deals (and you don’t have to wait in line). We rounded up some of our favorite Cyber Monday deals so you can save this holiday season!

Local deals


Local Cyber Monday deals

Although Cyber Monday tends to be dominated by large, nationwide retailers, there are still a number of awesome local deals to be had.


Cooking and home


Cooking and home

While we love shopping local, there are some deals elsewhere that are just too good not to mention.

  • Do you plan on baking over the holidays? The KitchenAid stand mixer is $195 off at Macy's at only $279.99. Click here for the deal.
  • The home cook's favorite innovative tool the "Instant Pot" pressure cooker is $71 off at only $79! Click here for the deal.
  • The Keurig K-Café, which comes with a milk frother, is $81 off at only $79! Click here for the deal.
  • This top rated air purifier is only $76. That's $44 off! With the long winter season ahead of us, this filter can not only clean your air, but also can remove odors! Click here for the deal.
  • Decorating for the holidays? Target has a wide range of awesome holiday decorations with big discounts. Click here for the deal.



Some of the biggest discounts can be had shopping for technology (it is called Cyber Monday after all), and everyone seems to want Bluetooth headphones or smartwatches this holiday season. These three deals are the best we've seen!


Feeling generous?


Feeling generous?

If you have everything you need and don't plan on buying anything this Cyber Monday, consider giving to those in need by donating to the Vermont Foodbank. Your donation will help provide thousands of meals to Vermonters in need. Click to give. Enjoy your the holiday season!

About Oliver Ames

Oliver is VSECU's social media strategist and spends most of his day engaging with members through our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. He has a background in science education, non-profit fundraising, business communication, media production, and membership-based organizations. When not at work, Oliver spends much of his time with his wife and their little dog Butterscotch at their home in Montpelier.