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By: Oliver Ames

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Get Your Vermont-Made Face Masks Here

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When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended in April that everyone wear cloth coverings to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, many Vermonters dusted off their sewing machines to make their own or pulled out their winter balaclavas. If your homemade mask is looking a little ragged and you are hoping to buy something professionally made, several Vermont businesses have stepped up to the challenge and are make comfortable, long-lasting face masks! With COVID-19 very much an ongoing public health crisis and the Vermont Department of Health recommending all Vermonters wear cloth face coverings when outside of the home, now might be the perfect time to buy yourself a new mask.


Get a Vermont-made mask that fits your style


Sewin’ in Vermont makes bags, hats, and other fabric goods. They’ve pivoted to cloth face masks at six dollars for adults or five dollars for children. The masks are made of two fabric layers and include a wire nose piece for comfort! Best of all, the masks sport interesting designs so that you feel like you’re wearing something unique.


Small Batch Design Company is making lightweight, washable masks in two sizes. The fabric is 100% finely woven batik cotton—with some truly beautiful designs—and the straps are fully adjustable elastic at thirty-one inches long! Plus, each mask comes with a built-in metal nose clip. If you buy five or more masks, you’ll get a twenty percent discount.



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The Tailor Shop in Stowe has several sizes and designs, including designer fabric masks with Swiss cotton and textured patterns from London! If you’re looking for a unique mask and don’t mind the cost, these are the masks for you!


Gordon’s Window Decor has pivoted from cellular window shades to masks! These EcoSmart masks are very breathable and should be a comfortable, safe alternative to cloth masks. You can order batches of twenty-five for seventy-five dollars. Gordon’s will donate twenty-five masks to non-profits for every twenty-five purchased. This is some innovative thinking!


Vermont-made masks come in all shapes and styles


Salaam Clothing in Montpelier is making four types of face masks: one with ear loops, one with ties, one with double elastics, and one for kids! The masks are affordable and have some beautiful designs.


Little House Burlington has devoted hours to refining a face-mask design based on extensive online research. Their masks are custom fit, have a tightly woven outer layer of quilting cotton, and are super soft on the face with organic cotton flannel. You can also have your mask made with a woven inner layer for additional protection. You can browse a few different designs for both men and women. Plus, these highly custom masks are relatively inexpensive at twelve dollars.


Skida, the hat company in Burlington with amazing designs you’ve probably seen in the winter, has made masks out of its most popular designs! They’re made of two-layer poly-lycra instead of cotton, which means they’re light and very breathable.


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Mountain Honey Clothier is making deluxe masks with elastic ear loops and stretch ties for a secure and comfortable fit that few masks can achieve. Plus, Mountain Honey masks have a special filter pocket for additional protection. At twenty-nine dollars, these masks are some of the most expensive in the list but appear to be well-made, feature-rich, and comfortable


Masking for Good is making both pleated and fitted masks with some awesome designs. Best of all, they are inexpensive and have comfortable elastic loops. They also have a large assortment of patterns and designs so you can look stylish when you’re shopping for essential goods.


Commando is making masks with an up-cycled Italian microfiber outer layer and a double-faced European microfiber and cotton blend lining. These masks are eco-certified, have four-way stretch, and include a flexible nose bridge for the best fit. Plus, for every mask sold, Commando will donate one mask to United Way. A two-pack costs twenty-five dollars.


These aren’t all the businesses selling cloth face masks! The Department of Public Safety: Vermont Emergency Management has made an extensive list of Vermont businesses offering face masks. Purchase any of these masks and you are helping keep our communities safe, all while supporting local businesses.


Got a mask already? Here is the Vermont Department of Health’s guide for how to wear your mask.


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