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Rachel Feldman

Rachel is VSECU's communications specialist, which has her doing everything from working with the press to researching cannabis-related legislation to building internal team spirit. She has a background in print and broadcast journalism and state government and serves on a number of nonprofit boards and state commissions. When not at work, Rachel spends much of her time reading, gardening, or cooking with her partner and their two dogs.

By: Rachel Feldman

December 24th, 2019

Make Budgeting Your New Year's Resolution in 2020

Saving and Budgeting

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, make budgeting your New Year’s resolution in 2020. Budgeting isn’t a skill we’re born with. It’s something we’re taught, or we learn on our own. But with money being one of those things you aren’t supposed to talk about around the dinner table, it can be scary to ask for basic advice.

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By: Rachel Feldman

November 12th, 2019

Holiday Giving—How to Give to People in Need

Saving and Budgeting | Learn Something New

The holiday season is heralded as a time of joy … and a time to buy. For those who have the means, it’s exciting to think about the new things you may get and the gifts you can give. For those who can’t afford holiday costs, it can be a time of anxiety and loneliness. For those who don’t have family or are going through their first holiday season without a loved one, it can be devastating.

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By: Rachel Feldman

April 9th, 2019

Adulting 101: Money Management for 30-Somethings

Youth and Finances | Saving and Budgeting

A lot of things happen when you hit your thirties. Most are great, some are sobering, and all of them make you aware of the fact that you’re aging, for better or worse.

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