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Leah Jones

Hi, I am Leah Jones and I am the events and project specialist at VSECU. I have a 1.5-year-old daughter who takes up all of my time. Together, we love gardening, crafting and puddle jumping. We have become "professional pintresters," meaning we DIY everything. It does not always come out great but it always makes some amazing memories. We love to share what we learn or what we find works. We hope you enjoy!

By: Leah Jones

April 23rd, 2020

How to Keep the Kids Entertained during Quarantine

Youth and Finances | Lifestyle

Has anyone else started to forget what day or month it is? With COVID-19 throwing our usual routines out the window, the kids are starting to get antsy. Kids need guidance and boundaries to feel safe and understand that rules are still in force. This is a good time to set wake-up times so everyone is up and out of bed by a reasonable hour, implement additional chores, and enforce homework expectations. It’s also time to engage them in family activities that will create great memories and help them manage their screen time so they don’t start bad habits.

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By: Leah Jones

April 16th, 2020

Stuck at Home with the Kids? Keep Them Busy and Help Them Save

Youth and Finances

Over the past weeks, many parents have been home wondering how they will cover the bills and how they can keep their kids engaged. COVID-19 has brought us all into circumstances we never knew could exist. We are home working, teaching, cleaning, and cooking as a family, all day, every day. Though I don’t have any secrets to help you become a millionaire, I can help with getting the kids to do their chores and understand what to do with the money they earn doing them.  

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