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Emily Johnston

Emily Johnston is an intern with the Waste Management and Prevention Division of Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources. She works with a team to create outreach material on waste reduction, composting, and recycling. Emily is an environmental science major at the University of Vermont and has written for The Vermont Cynic, Wessex Wire, and the Roundtable. In her free time, Emily likes to hike, paint, and explore the outdoors.

By: Emily Johnston

August 18th, 2021

Used Clothing or Fast Fashion? Your Buying Habits Matter.

It’s so simple. The click of the keyboard loads a website and I see just what I am looking for: exercise leggings in different photo-shopped on colors. Scanning the screen for the price, bright red text catches my eye. Nine dollars. Deal. The leggings arrive and I try them on. They don’t hit my ankles and the fabric is slightly see-through, but considering the price, I can’t complain. I am satisfied with my leggings, but I realize too late I could have gotten a similar item for a similar price and higher quality by buying the leggings used. I also would have kept the leggings out of the landfill.

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