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By: Laurie Fielder

June 20th, 2017

How to Protect the Environment through Banking Choices

Alternative Banking | Energy Savings | Learn Something New

If you care about the environment, you’re probably doing what you can to preserve natural resources and reduce fossil fuel use. Maybe you’re recycling and using energy efficient lighting. Maybe you’re even sharing rides to save gas. You may buy environmentally friendly products and, if you’re really serious about how to protect the environment, invest in companies and options that are kind to the planet.

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By: Laurie Fielder

June 13th, 2017

Why Go Solar? [7 Reasons]

Energy Savings | Investing in the Future | Lifestyle

In today’s world, there are very few reasons NOT to go solar. So why go solar? Solar equipment is becoming more affordable and community solar arrays make it possible for those who rent their home, or have a site with poor sun exposure or other barriers to a solar installation, to benefit from an off-site solar array. This article will focus on 7 more reasons.

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By: Caroline Cross

June 8th, 2017

Teach Your Preteen How to Save Money

Youth and Finances | Saving and Budgeting

For preteens, saving money is like any other skill they will learn—practice makes perfect. To teach your child how to save money, encourage them to make it a habit. If you can get them to practice the fine art of saving, eventually they will do it on their own without reminders. Youth are consumers too, and learning the basics will help them become smart spenders. It will also help them form a foundation for building good credit later in life.  

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By: Cheryl Pickreign

June 2nd, 2017

What is Loan Payment Protection?

Credit and Debt | Investing in the Future

When you're injured and can't work, paying the bills can be a trick. Missing payments can ruin your credit and maybe even result in the loss of your car or your house. You can prepare for the worst by getting loan payment protection like credit life and credit disability insurance.

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6 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score

Cultivate and Maintain an Excellent Credit Score

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By: Amy Barcomb

May 26th, 2017

Can't Sell or Trade in Your Used Car? Donate It

Auto Buying | Learn Something New

If you are purchasing a new car, consider donating your old car to charity as an alternative to trading or selling. In addition to helping out your favorite local cause, you may also qualify for a tax deduction if the organization is a registered 501(c)3. But there are some important points to consider before making your donation.

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By: Marco Vangelisti

May 18th, 2017

From Traditional Finance to Impact Investment

Local Investing | Investing in the Future

After years working in traditional finance, I woke up one day to the impact of my investment choices and my portfolio - now fortified with impact investments - hasn’t looked the same since. My conventional background began innocently enough. With a graduate degree in math and economics from the University of California in Berkeley, I began my career in a think tank, leading a movement that leveraged quantitative analysis to dial in on the smartest investments.

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By: Joshua Dobrovich

May 3rd, 2017

The Nine Worst Things to Do at the Car Dealership

How you handle yourself at the car dealership can make a difference in the price you get when buying a car. Here are nine things you DON’T want to do at the car lot.

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By: Nate Messier

April 4th, 2017

Get the Best Value for Your Trade-in

Auto Buying

It might seem easy to make money on your trade-in—just get your car in tip-top shape and you’ll get the most money for it, right? Well, that’s not always true and can sometimes lead to spending more money than you’re getting back, so I’m going to walk you through the basic steps of how to get the most for your old car.

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Cultivate and Maintain an Excellent Credit Score

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Don’t leave without your free eBook

Cultivate and Maintain an Excellent Credit Score

Sign up for our blog and get Six Tips for Improving Your Credit Score free!